Frozen Raw

cardboard case    Frozen Raw pastries are made for in-store bake off. Product is carefully placed bulk in layers    into a cardboard case with hermetic plastic bag inside and safely delivered to your store in a  temperature-controlled truck. This economic and convenient way of handling the frozen raw  product always guarantees the freshest pastry for your customer.


cardboard tray   Foodservice format is also known as PYOC (pick your own case). Product is baked and placed in a shrink-wrapped  cardboard trays and then put inside the cardboard case. Once displayed in your bakery case your customer has a  choice of picking as many product pieces as desired.


clamshell   Thaw & Sell is a fast and easy retail-ready solution for supermarkets and retail banners. Product is delivered baked frozen and retail ready in a plastic container or a bag. This is a convenient and easy-to-use format for both retailers and their customers as it does not require in-store baking or packaging.